The Body&Soul Offers

Tailor-made ayurvedic massages for your needs...

Elements of the traditional Ayurvedic massage include

***Focus of marma points and chakra massage***

***Chakra harmonization with precious gemstones and singing bowls***

***Supported by the positive effects of 100% natural, pure essential oils*** 

 ***Deep relaxation with a healing mantra to complete your treatment***

Type Time Price

Body&Soul Massage

tailor made to suit your needs

2 hrs 120,- Euro
Ayurvedic full body massage 100 min   90,- Euro
Ayurvedic back and shoulder massage    60 min    70,-Euro

Ayurvedic facial and massage

with ayurvedic cosmetic products

 45 min   50,- Euro

Ayurvedic head massage

 30 min   30,- Euro

Ayurvedic  face and head massage

 60 min   50,- Euro

Ayurvedic foot massage incl. marma points

 30 min   30,- Euro

Ayurvedic foot massage incl. marma points

 50 min   45'- Euro

Singing bowl massage

 30 min   30,- Euro

Book of 3 full body massages

100 x 3 250,- Euro

Book of 5 full body massages

100 x 5 400,- Euro

Book of 10 full body massages

100 x 10 750,- Euro

Additional charge of 20,- € applies to home visits



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Alexandra Schawilje


Individual Ayurvedic Massages

Ibiza, San Carlos

Mobile: +34 617 88 99 33