Hi, my name is Alexandra Schawilje

I look forward to meeting you

I created MyBody&Soul because energy and other forms of energetic body work fascinate me and I feel it's my calling and also love working with people.


I moved to Ibiza in September 2012. Previously I lived in London for over 14 years, spent my childhood in Spain and my teen's in Germany. Many factors have influenced me, but the first time I had the feeling to have "arrived" was when I started the teachings of Ayurveda in London.


Immediately I started an apprenticeship with a well known physician - Dr. Deepika Rodrigo originally from Sri Lanka. Once successfully graduated I got the offer of working alongside Dr. Deepika as an Ayurvedic Massage Therapist in her clinic. Thats when I gained a lot of knowlege which I now apply with other proven methods of energy work to primarily focus on the prevention of deseases and physical as well as mental illnesses. 


This combination helps you reach the highest level of "INNER BALANCE" - a life that I wish all of us!

Alexandra Schawilje


Individual Ayurvedic Massages

Ibiza, San Carlos

Mobile: +34 617 88 99 33

E-Mail:  alexxxia4u@hotmail.com